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Fred and Friends

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Abominable Ice Tray
Print to packaging only. Wow did you see that? There's a yeti in your drink! ..
Ex Tax: $6.80
Bottle Ninja
In the blink of an eye Bottle Ninja sneaks up on unsuspecting beverages, flips off their..
Ex Tax: $8.15
Cake Samurai
Swiftly, deftly, silently...Cake Samurai slices your baked goods. Molded from f..
Ex Tax: $6.80
Citrus Saw
Cold beer and lime wedges go together like cheese and crackers. And that, my fr..
Ex Tax: $3.15
Half Pint
Got cream? Half Pint is an artfully blown and molded glass creamer that captures the com..
Ex Tax: $10.22
iPlunge is the perfect solution for your high-tech video emergencies - just squish it against the..
Ex Tax: $4.05
Mana Tea
Everybody's favorite Floridian wants to brew you a nice cup of tea and share a slow, cal..
Ex Tax: $6.12
Mr Tea
Mr. Tea is an ideal tea-time companion. Just load his little silicone pants, perch him i..
Ex Tax: $6.12
Fill Octeapus's silicone head with your favorite tea blend and set him down into the dep..
Ex Tax: $6.12
Plunge Bottlestopper
Plunge stops up your bottle with an airtight seal so your wine will live to be sipped another..
Ex Tax: $4.46
Pumped Up
This pretty pair of pumps props up your phone so you can pay proper appreciation. Beca..
Ex Tax: $5.31
Twist and Spout
Screw a Twist & Spout onto any soda or water bottle and you get an ergonomic handle ..
Ex Tax: $3.60